Thursday, April 10, 2014

Celebrate Spring with Awesome Art Activities

Let your creativity bloom this Spring at the gallery!  Did you know that the gallery offers free family art drop-ins every Sunday from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Bring your family in to explore the basics foundations of art and design with a range of art activities that all ages can enjoy. 

Each week we take inspiration from current exhibitions, famous works of art, and upcoming holidays, work together on a fun, new project. All materials are provided.

Activities are best suited for ages 4-13 and children must be accompanied by an adult.  Admission is free but a donation of $5.00 would be greatly appreciated.

Upcoming activities include:

Sun, Apr 13 - DIY Monsters Collage        
Instructor: Tara Dimuzio
Learn about: Collage, texture, layering

Based on the colourful works found in our current exhibition, Curiouser & Curiouser, experiment with sculpture, collage, painting and drawing, and see what wild creatures your imagination will come up with.
Sun, Apr 20 - Up, Up and Away!
Instructor: Anna Miccolis
Learn about: Texture, form, scale

Inspired by the works of Tony Urquhart and David Bolduc in our current exhibition, Moonlit Mystics, learn about shape and texture by creating an enchanted hot air balloon sculpture.  Customize your balloon with textures and shapes, and get ready to sail away!
Sun, Apr 27 - Zendoodle Drawings          
Instructors: Janet Leonard and Anna Miccolis
This week: Line, shape, repeating patterns

Taking design inspiration from our current exhibition, Moonlit Mystics, this activity will show you how to create intricate Zendoodles, designs made by completing small areas of patterns at a time. Learn how relaxing doodling can be while creating a colourful work full of shape and movement.
Sun, May 4 - Tin Foil Collage      
Instructor: Anna Miccolis
Learn about: Texture, colour, depth

Let's get inspired by Norman Barney's unique collage works in the Curiouser & Curiouser exhibition.
Starting with a tin foil base, arrange shapes of colourful tissue paper to design a layered, textured collage. Hold your work up to the light to see how the colours reflect!
Sun, May 11 - Mothers Day Flower Cards                             
Instructor: Tara Dimuzio
Learn about: 3D form, shape, pattern

Celebrate your mom with a unique and homemade gift!
Using ribbon, printed card stock and other materials, learn how to design three dimensional flowers that will give your card a home grown effect. A thoughtful gift Mother Nature would be proud of!

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