Friday, May 23, 2014

Adult Painting Series

Immerse yourself in the creative process and learn a few new tricks along the way! Our Adult Painting Series allows participants to work directly with practising artists and experienced instructors through supportive studio-based classes.


The classes run one Saturday a month, beginning June 28 from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Programs are suited for all levels of experience including beginner, and materials for each session will be provided. You can register for all six sessions or for individual classes. A six lesson package is  $130.00 members  and $160.00 non members, and individual sessions are  $25.00 members and $30.00 non members. Registration is required. 

This is a great opportunity to brush up on your painting skills, or learn some new techniques to apply to your own artistic practice. 

To register for the series, or an individual class call 519-336-8127 ext 3231 or stop by the gallery in person. 

Program details: 

June 28 - Colour mixing
Instructor Mary Kilbreath
This intro course is for adults who are interested in acrylic, oil, gouache or watercolour. Learn basic colour theory and how to use red, yellow and blue to make any colour - even black! This is a great course for amateur painters

July 26 - Abstraction
Instructor - Adam Miner
This course will teach you that abstraction is more than just splashing paint around. Explore composition and multiple abstract painting techniques to create your own work. This session is a great compliment to the colour mixing class.

August 23 - En Plien Air
Instructor Mary Kilbreath

Spend a creative day outside painting in Canatara Park. Instructor Mary Kilbreath will provide participants a relaxed and social approach to capturing the beauty of your surroundings.

September 27 - Watercolour
Instructor Mary Abma

Instructor Mary Abma will focus on the techniques specific to watercolour. Learn how to preserve the white of the paper, and discover wet on wet, wet on dry and dry on wet techniques.

October 25 - Indoor Still Life
Instructor TBD
Taking the traditional art form of still life, develop a general understanding of how to see and render three dimensional objects on canvas.

November 29 - PortraitureInstructor TBD
Often seen as a difficult subject, learn how to properly paint the shapes of the body. The class will focus on proportions, colour and brush stroke to render a perfect portrait!

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